Once & Again

{January 14, 2012}   4pm

So my 4th grade daughter gets off the bus. It’s a 3 day weekend and I think she’s happy. She LOOKED happy. I look to my left at my first grader and smile at her as we walk down the driveway to the house. Samantha, the 4th grader, is pushing me off the road. I’m about to say something funny to her about it because she did the same thing last weekend when we were walking in the mall. When she makes these horrible sounds, which she thinks is English, and the dogs all run away with their tails between their legs.
“What is the world…”
Again she makes these noises. Let me just say that I can not stand it when women blubber. It’s ridiculous. It accomplishes nothing but making you look foolish.
Allie, the first grader wants to explain. I stop her. How else is her older sister going to learn how to talk at a normal pitch if she gets no practice?
“Ok Samantha, Let’s go inside. When you calm down enough to talk, I would love to hear what the problem is. Ok?”
She nods.
So after about 10 minutes I sit on her bed with her and we talk. Samantha wanted to spend the night with Abby for the 3 day weekend. Well Abby has a clique, which includes her cousins. For some reason or another, these cousins have never gotten along with Samantha. I’m thinking jealousy, but who knows? Well one of the cousins, Jamie, is mean to Samantha talking about how told Abby she is going to Abby’s house, instead of asking. Abby, as she has always done, goes along with it mocking and tormenting Samantha.
According to Samantha.
But I know my daughter. I’m thinking, and my husband agrees, that when Sam get excited, she will tell us what she is to do, instead of asking if she can. I reminded her of past instances when she informed us of her weekend plans and we had to tell her no.

But really, even if she did say instead of ask, why be mean to her? What’s the point in that? These cousins have been relentless on Samantha since last year. Last year’s teacher and I did everything except pull her out of school.

The sad thing is that they ride the bus home together. They live about two miles south of us. They could be great friends, yet these girls would rather be bullies instead. ( Not saying that Samantha can’t be a mean little priss herself).

So, anyone else with similar issues?


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