Once & Again

{January 19, 2012}   Shopping Day

Today is a shopping day with Mother. Sometimes they are enjoyable events, other times, not so enjoyable.  I am not sure about today. She had just found out that she has COPD. Now she thinks her life is over and she won’t be able to watch her grandchildren grow up. She can’t seem to stop crying.

So today, my goal is to ease her mind and cheer her up. I did some research yesterday about COPD because I know nothing. I found out quite a bit about it. Encouraging news! I printed out some things for her to look over. I made sure that I found positive things. Yes people die from COPD. People also die from car crashes. We are driving to the stores. People die from many things everyday. Sometimes odd things. This is why the show “1000 ways to die” is a popular show.

People live with COPD. There is no time frame for death. No one knows when their time is up. No, I will not say these things to her.

Another problem she has is the meds her (quack) doctor has her on.  She does not like the side effects. So she tells him no more and to ween her off. So, like a Good doctor, he not only ups her dosage but increases the amount of times a day she is supposed to take it! I think I am going to have to start going with her to these doctor appointments and actually sit in there to hear what goes on. She really can’t remember what is said because of the meds. The two meds are topamax and gabapentin.

In my research, which is not completed yet, I checked if these two drugs have interactions with each other. So far I have not found any interactions. Yet I do think they interact badly. At least in my Mother they do. So today i am going to find out what other meds she is taking, including non-prescription.

I still need to find a list of meds that are usually prescribed to people with COPD. Sometimes doctors need help. Everyone forgets things and needs reminders.

I really hate those two meds though. They do something to her brain and she is not the same person. I do not think that they are worth it. These meds also increase her chances of a brain aneurism, dementia,  and osteoporosis. To me, the risks outweigh the benefits.


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