Once & Again

{January 25, 2012}   What a wonderful week, and it’s only half over

So the shopping day with Mother went well. I gave her all the info about COPD that I printed out. I explained it to her first.

She really believed that she had just a short time to live.  With the help of the info I found, I put some doubt into her mind about her misconceptions.

Last Friday, I went with her to pick up the chest x-rays that the doctor had her do. Now I am no radiologist, But her x-rays looked pretty darn good!  I could see the outline of her lungs and the esophagus, and collar bones, the things you’d expect in a chest x-ray. There was a slip of paper in the huge x-ray envelope. We read it . These are the (non-pronounceable) words on the paper.

biapical pleural parenchymal scarring

no acute infiltrates, pleural effusion or pneumothorax

no discrete lung nodule or pulmonary mass

hila unremarkable

osteopenia visualized in the spine

And the most important thing: That there might be a hint of COPD and that it needs to get checked out more!

We were screaming in the car! People gave us funny looks, we didn’t care.

So now, Mother is very happy about that.  After picking up the x-ray, we went to find her new doctor. See, the doctor who told her she had COPD based on that x-ray also told her she was quitting the practice.  (Which I think is the best course of action for that woman).  The doctor recommended this other doctor, and so we found him and set up an appointment.

Tomorrow is the day of that appointment. I will be going with her as well as into the exam room. Not to mean that Mother is not capable of holding her own. She is only 64, turning 64 later in the year. It is just that things overwhelm her and she doesn’t always remember what is said. She also needs a different point of view.  My step-dad, her husband, is not the type to do this kind of thing.

And besides, It is my responsibility to help my Mother when she needs it!

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I found out yesterday about doctors who text and email their patients. I will be asking the doctor if he participates in these forms of communication.

In the mean time I need to look up these words!


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