Once & Again

{January 27, 2012}   Thursday’s doctor appointment with Mother

She texts me and tells me she wants to go early. That’s fine with me. My husband and I were talking and I was going to try to get her into a nail salon to get a manicure. Just for fun and to make her feel special.

Well she comes over and the two of us take off. We go to Walmart to pick up a couple of things.  I had told her of my plan to get her into a nail salon. So after Walmart, we went across the street to Publix where there is always a nail salon. Looking through the open door as we drove past, I see a man doing a lady’s nails. We decide to try another place. In the next shopping center over, is a Dollar Tree where I heard that there are large bags of pop rocks. Being a huge fan of pop rocks, I go inside to find some. We couldn’t find any.  by then It was time for the appointment.

We go inside, and being our first time at this place, Mother handed the receptionist the stack of paperwork she had gotten from the other day.  After making copies of the drivers license and insurance card, we sat till called.  We did not wait long to be called. Mother had her vitals taken. I had to “correct” the nurse who mistook the 6 for an 8 on the blood pressure machine.  Then we went to our room.

We watched a You-Tube video, watched some of the movie playing on the TV in the room, and was trying to see if we needed any extra cotton swabs for the house. We were past bored. Our stomachs were growling.  The room was becoming stifling and unbearable. Unable to sit any longer, I stood up and opened the door. I began to swing it back and forth to get a flow of air into the room. Each time I did so, the hinges shrieked in pain.  Mother suggested putting the K-Y jelly on the hinges, as there were two massive tubes on the counter. I didn’t think it would help any, But we did get the attention of the nurse who came to talk to us. She informed us that the doctor, who had been at the hospital 30 minutes away had gotten a flat tire.

So with the door open, we sat to wait till he showed up.


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