Once & Again

{January 28, 2012}   Thursday Update

We didn’t know what the doctor would look like, this was our first appointment.

He had a goatee and had died the ends orange. Mother was a little put out, but got used to it. I thought it was cool. I would die the ends of my hair purple if I thought I could get away with it.

The doctor apologized for being late. He took Mother’s chest x-rays and showed us that she does have signs of COPD. He showed us that her lungs are full of air and that they are enlarged. We hadn’t realized that when we looked at them ourselves.

He told us that he would like her to get a CT scan so that he would have a better idea of her lungs. An x-ray is just 2D and theCT is better because it shows depth. So he gave us a script and to see us again in 2 weeks.

We really like him. He took the time and answered our questions and than had us repeat what he said so that he would know that we had understood what he had said.

He took the time to be with us and listen to our concerns. I was so impressed.  I think we finally got a good doctor for Mother.

Monday, I will take her to see “One for the Money”. Then later in the week, we’ll go get that CT scan.


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